Thursday, September 25, 2014

First Day of School -- The Better Late Than Never edition

I like a trend to really take hold and sort of be on the way out before I latch on. I don't know why but it's always been my way. I first realized it when Pogs (remember those) hit my school. I scoffed at the stupid new game and proudly held to my non-pog playing position. And then I realized I was kind of missing out and I humbly asked my mom to take me to the drugstore to buy my first set. Henceforth a full-fledged pogger I became. 

So much like my pogging story, I like to arrive late to the party and so I present you with my 3 week late First Day of School post.  

Kindergarten and 3rd grade. WTF dude? I have a third grader! And my baby is in full-day kindergarten. [Insert mind exploding here]

I wasn't scheduled to have the kids that morning and I frantically and pathetically begged their father to let me have them for the night so I could get the ready for their first day and do our traditional first day of school activities like freak out that Bud's pants don't fit him because he grew 7 feet overnight and scream at Babe to find out where she put her damned lunch box that I told her not to play with. Thankfully he took pity on me (since he leaves for work so early he wouldn't be the one to get them ready anyway) and I was able to salvage one of the few traditions I've established over the course of their short lives. First Day of School pictures at grandma's house! You'd think "grandma's house" would be my mom, but no, it's my ex's mom. We still have a fabulous relationship, and possibly an even stronger relationship now, and we are still very much a part of each others lives. I don't know what I would do without them! But enough of that. It's picture time!!

 photo DSC_0169_zpsf064fb28.jpg
Do I have beautiful children or what?

 photo DSC_0164_zps8e88d81c.jpg
Bud says: "Let's be lions!" Babe says: "I'm too cute to be a lion!"

 photo DSC_0165_zps040f6455.jpg
Still a lion. Still a cutie.

 photo DSC_0160_zpscc5c3269.jpg
I told them to get excited! Bud's more worried about not looking into the sun.

 photo DSC_0157_zps2e9e050e.jpg
"Seriously mom, I can't look into the sun anymore!"

 photo DSC_0156_zps4373cdb0.jpg
Babe says sun is no excuse to hold back on the sass! 

 photo DSC_0152_zps20cb3b7d.jpg
My non-baby-OMG-when-did-you-even-become-real-kids kids

 photo DSC_0154_zpsfad3b6c8.jpg
He's finally coming around to the whole posing for the camera thing. 
(It's because he secretly hopes I'll post stuff to Facebook)

 photo DSC_0150_zpsf2b0cd6e.jpg
Kindergarten. Just...kindergarten. Whoa.

I am so proud of these kids! They've had to deal (and are still dealing) with a lot over the past year and a half, but they are both amazing individuals. Bud is so smart it's scary. He understands things that he has no business understanding at 8 years old and he just craves knowledge like no child I have ever met before. He's funny and silly and so compassionate. Babe brings vibrancy to every dark corner. Her personality and exuberance for life and fun is unrivaled. She is sassy and smart and thoughtful. They both make me laugh and make me strive to be a better person and a better mother. I couldn't ask for more. I think it's going to be a good year.



  1. I'm too cute to be a lion. Damn straight, sister.

  2. Your kids are stunning. But I think I"ve told you that 12 times. Maybe 13.