Monday, June 16, 2014

A new light

So I know my next post was supposed to be about LC moving in with us, but I need to delay it to talk about this weekend. (And the weekend wouldn't have been possible without him so I think it's ok.)

Friday was LC’s nieces birthday. She turned 11 and decided she wanted to go to Destiny USA and do the ropes course and the Wonder Works interactive museum. (Yes, it’s as awesome as it sounds.) She had hoped that Bud and Babe could come too, and although it wasn’t my weekend with them, their father let me have them for the night so they could join the fun. I am so very glad we had the opportunity because I learned more about my children in those few hours than ever before.

They are both always up for fun and adventure, but they are also a little hesitant to be TOO wild and crazy. I’ve known for a while that Bud isn’t really scared of heights. I mean, after all, he did climb up the rope swing and touch the branch that was 40 feet in the air!

Bud climbing the rope swing - 2012

 photo CanyonClimb_zpsa906130c.jpg
Canyon Climb at Destiny USA via

So yeah, I knew heights weren't a real big deal for him, but I expected him to be a little cautious. 

Because of their height (well, lack of height really), they were both required to be with an adult. LC took Bud and I took Babe. Once we were all strapped in, Bud took off up the stairs to the first platform with LC right behind him. Babe was a little more hesitant as she climbed the big steps up to the platform. By the time we got up there LC and Bud had done several of the obstacles already. We waved and I yelled good job and turned my focus to Babe. She was a little nervous but she was still very excited to do the “big kid rope course.” 

The next time I turned to find Bud, he was WAY ahead and lengthening the distance between him and LC. The boy was on FIRE! He showed no fear as he navigated obstacle after obstacle! I was so impressed with his ability to focus (a real problem in other situations) and his strength and determination with all of the obstacles! I was worried for him, especially because I wasn’t with him to see how he was doing, but every time I found him, he was smiling ear to ear and floating across the ropes! His bravery and determination were a sight to behold!!

 photo 22B42E69-BFB2-4062-B3EA-410243863850_zpsvhpyi790.jpg

Horrible quality but it was the best I could do.

And then Babe. Wow. Just wow. She’s going to be 5 in a couple of weeks, but this little girl showed you don’t have to be big to show what you are capable of! As I said, she was nervous at first, and she stayed nervous throughout, but her inner strength and determination left me in awe! When we got to the first platform she was scared and holding onto me. I got down with her and asked her which path she wanted to take first (each platform had a variety of obstacle choices). She pointed to the one she wanted to take and I started to move that way. She asked me to hold her arm and I started to get nervous that she wasn’t going to go through with it, but she put one hesitant foot out onto the rope, asked if I had her good, and then proceeded to make her way steadily over the rope. Step by step she made it to the other side, she carefully stepped onto the platform, and then hugged the support pole for dear life. I told her she did a great job and that she made me proud and she smiled and said, “That was scary.” I told her it was a little scary but she did great and I reassured her that she was harnessed in and I would hold her arm or hand over each one.

I asked which path was next and she made her decision and off we went. Again, slow and steady she made her way across. At the next platform she hugged the pole again, but not nearly as desperate this time. Again, I asked her which one and she told me, I moved to get us in position when she said, “Wait! I just need a minute.” I became nervous again that she was going to bail, but she took a minute, and then said “Ok, mom, I’m ready.” Off we went. This is how it continued for the next hour! (Yes, hour!) We’d go over a few obstacles and she’d need to compose herself again but then she’d be right back out there.

I should mention that through this whole thing I was right on her heels the entire time, literally. I had to wait for her foot to move so I could put my foot down. But being right behind her, made it much more unstable as we crossed the ropes. She weighs next to nothing, but I have, ahem, a few pounds on her, so I was weighing down the rope and trying to keep my balance while holding her arm and making sure I didn’t fall myself. A few times I definitely made the rope shake more than I wanted to but she just bent her knees a little more and kept going. The girl was AMAZING!!!

As I said, I started out holding onto her arm as we made our way across, but eventually we got to an obstacle that we needed to go sideways on. I couldn’t hold her arm and keep myself on the rope, so I told her I’d just hang onto her harness strap. She was ok with that and we made our way across. Because she did that so fearlessly, I tried something new on the next one. She asked me to hold onto her again so I told her I would hold onto the ring at the back of her harness, she was fine with that. As we made our way across is became difficult to keep hold of her like that so I let go. I didn’t tell her, of course, and we made it across with no problem. I did the same thing on the next one, and the next one, and then I just let her go. And she went. I have never felt more pride for that child than in that moment. Even though she was scared, even though she preferred me to hold on, she did it all on her own and did it WELL!

I know we all worry for our children and I know we worry that they’ll be able to handle what life will throw at them. But their resilience and determination made me a little less anxious and a lot more proud. It may have been just a small moment in their childhood, but I caught a glimpse of the strong, successful adults they are going to become and I couldn’t be more proud.

 photo Ropescoursaftermath_zps9e80482d.jpg
The drive home



  1. What a great day! You're so lucky to get such a glimpse into their futures :)

  2. Awww - it's amazing how little trips like these help you see exactly how amazing our kids are. Sounds like you have two very brave super awesome ones!